First view from the plane

Bali was both the kickoff of our South East Asia trip, and a last minute tack on!

A good friend of Cory’s was renting a house in Ubud with his band (Love in the Circus) for a month while they worked on their album.  We were offered a room for a week, and couldn’t refuse. Clearly, we’re rockstars who travel internationally to stay with bands!

Panoramic view of Chakyamuna - the gorgeous house we stayed in

I didn’t know much about Bali prior to the trip, other than it seemed like a popular honeymoon destination. Suffice to say, I was absolutely blown away by the beauty, the culture, and the genuine kindness of the country.

We flew into Denpasar, and quickly drove north to Ubud.  The southern beach areas near Kuta and Seminyak are pretty inundated with a rowdy surf crowd – the Australian equivalent to our spring break in Cabo!

Ubud is gorgeous, but very Westernized. The town is a yoga hotspot, with classes, retreats, and seminars happening everywhere. There’s a large community of expats, which comes with perks and disadvantages. Amazing food, but not necessarily traditional cuisine.

Pretty nice view for a yoga session


We rented motos for the week, a definite must. Driving in Bali is terrifying – there is very little definition between lanes, and passing is not only encouraged, but almost required. But having a moto allowed us to cover a lot more ground in Ubud during our short stay.

On the streets of Ubud

A few highlights:

Tierta Empul



Sacred Monkey Forest

Goa Gajeh

More to come!



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