It isn’t Christmastime, in my world, unless some cookies have been decorated!

Wanting to kick off the season early, I invited a friend over to help me decorate. We spent the afternoon listening to Bing Crosby croon out some classic carols, catching up on our lives, and decorating some of the cutest cookies. 

For the past few years, I’ve used this sugar cookie recipe.  It holds the shapes perfectly (make sure the dough is cold – I sometimes will chill the cookie sheet with the cutouts before baking), yet is soft and chewy. The recipe on the site makes a huge amount! I always cut it in thirds, which makes about 2-3 dozen cookies – just the right amount.

I follow I Am Baker’s recipe and tips for the icing, and it is always successful. It’s a beautiful, shiny glaze that not only looks good, but tastes delicious! The process does take a bit of time, but when shared with a friend, it’s enjoyable!

How cute are these snowmen?!




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