I live in a house with 4 boys,  However, last year we went all out – 13 foot tree, lights everywhere, even an inflatable Santa and snowman on the roof!

Unfortunately, due to everyone’s work and travel schedules, the decorations for the holidays have fallen to the side this year. Since a live tree didn’t make sense, I went with an alternative. 

After seeing this unique tree, I had to replicate it! I already had the materials, so it was a cheap and quick setup.

Start with a tomato cage (I have way too many of these, and luckily one in green!) and lights. 

Tape the top ends together to form a cone. I used black duct tape, but it doesn’t need to be too strong of a tape.

Start at the base, and wrap the lights upward. The strings will naturally start to form a triangle, due to the three stakes, so I used clear tape to set the draping.

Add a little bit of flair, plug in the lights, and enjoy!

I love the minimalist look of this tree. And it is a bonus to have a use for a tomato cage on the off-season!



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