We traveled between countries mostly through flight, and mostly on Air Asia – the South East Asia equivalent of Southwest Airlines in the US.

While Air Asia has cheap (and frequent) flights, they definitely nickel and dime you on everything – drinks, food, luggage.  Somehow, what was  originally a $35 flight quickly becomes $67 and change.

However, the flights are clean and efficient, and usually have a very pleasant staff!

Our first experience was a flight from Denpasar, Indonesia, into Phuket, Thailand. Right off the bat, we knew we were in for a different experience than the westernized/yoga centric experience of Bali. Every single one of our flight attendants (all young, attractive women) wore various type of cat ears. Not inconspicuous little cat ears, but full-blown Halloween costume cat ear headbands. Some were pink, some were leopard spotted, but all were worn as though completely natural.

Cory snapped a semi-creepy picture of one of the flight attendants & her ears!

Suffice to say, I really enjoyed our Air Asia flights. They were affordable, easy, and clean. As always with discount airlines, make sure you know which airport you are flying out of and into, as the airline does use smaller hubs.

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