About ten kilometers outside of Ubud is the woodcarving/handicraft village of Tegallalang. While the goods for sale are beautiful (crocheted lace, carved wood, mosaic sculptures), it is really the view most people come to see!  The view is massive, and magnificent. Unfortunately, it was overcast on the day we visited, but I would imagine this would be spectacular at sunset on a clear day.   We ate lunch at one of the several restaurants that overlooks the terraces. The huts are a quiet relief from the hustle of the shopkeepers on the street above!  A few cute kids stopped by, selling postcards and pencils.  They loved the iPhones and Blackberries the boys were working on.  I loved the mosaic sculptures, but they were a little too unwieldy to take home as a souvenir! This mask almost made it into the suitcase, though!

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