To go along with yesterday’s Christmas tree post, here’s a little tutorial on some cute fabric trees.

I made a few of these last year, and loved the look. It was easy to whip a few more to sprinkle throughout the house. I used a green plaid fabric, along with different colored felt.

Click through for a tutorial on these easy trees!

Start with a piece of felt, or fabric. Felt holds the shape of the tree the best, but any fabric should work (you may need additional support for the tree). Choose three rounded shapes in varying sizes – I used a bowl and two different cups.

Trace and cut out each circle.

Cut each circle in quarters. These will be each part of your tree!

Now you’ll begin to construct the individual parts of the tree. Fold each triangle in half, then sew along the edge (where the two edges meet).

It helps to start from the widest point, then sew into the tip. Flip the cones inside out, using a pencil or scissors to push the tip out.

You’ll notice that the pieces stack together nicely – you want to make sure your angles are similar, and the lengths fit will together.

You can play around with size (large sizes look great, and are a bit easier to flip), and angle to change up the trees.

Enjoy decorating your house!




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2 Responses to 12 Days of Christmas – Fabric Trees

  1. Anna says:

    so do you get 4 trees total from each set of circles? very cute idea!

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