The ferry system in Thailand is a well oiled machine. Ferrys are docked three to five deep, with passengers only briefly instructed which is the correct ferry for them to take. A long plank crosses all, and it’s a mad rush to get yourself and your luggage to the appropriate boat. Thai men furiously grab your luggage and sling it into a pile.

We learned quickly that the most enjoyable spot is inside. While the ride may be smooth and pretty getting out of the harbor, the ferry can gain some quick speed, and takes on a fair amount of water!

On our first trip, we chose a spot on the bow of the deck, with good sun and space to stretch our legs. We waved at the fisherman coming in from their morning catch, and the other tourist boats heading out to sea. We were in for a relaxing ride, you would think.

As soon as we left the harbor, the boat picked up speed! At first we noticed just a few sprays of water, cooling us from the hot morning sun. But then one of the boat operators came over, gesturing wildly for us to leave the front of the boat. “Water! Wet!” he kept saying, but we, and the rest of the passengers sitting around us, were slow to heed his warning.

Luckily, I made it up the steps just in time. Monique caught the first huge wave, which soaked her dress completely.  We crowded into the covered passenger room, finding a few seats. We spent the next few hours sitting inside, safe behind the windows.

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