Oh, Phuket. Such a short time we spent there, but some pretty memorable experiences.

We received conflicting advice when it came to Phuket – “Fly in, leave the next morning” or “We spent a week and loved it”. At the time, our main focus was getting down to the islands of Thailand, and we knew we’d be spending some time in Bangkok, so we arrived mid-afternoon and left early the next morning.

After settling into our “room” at the hostel (read: a cubicle), we immediately went in search of some good, authentic Thai food.

The first bite of Pad Thai was amazing, as was each bite we had with every single meal (even breakfast!) for our next two weeks in Thailand!

After an hour or so of settling our plans for the following day (ferry ride to Koh Phi Phi, hostel, etc.), we headed out to Patong Beach to experience the nightlife (post coming soon).

The next morning, we took an early shuttle and jumped on a ferry to Koh Phi Phi!

Sweet and short, but we spent so much more time throughout Thailand that no one regretted our quick stopover.

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