After yesterday’s wrapping post, I had to whip up some gift tags to go along with my presents.

I had spotted a few I loved over on Pinterest, namely these fabric circles. I pulled out my Christmasy fabric, and got to work!

I love that little (big for a gift tag!) Santa!  I’m planning on using it for a gift for my dad. 

These tags look beautiful with colorful bows, and would go great with printed wrapping as well. I used a felt tip pen to write in the names, but would love to play around with stamping on top.

Click for instructions!

My top layer is a thin, natural muslin, but any cotton would work. 

I’m lucky to have a large amount of Christmas and holiday themed fabric, but I puled a few non-traditional pieces – gold and purple velvet. They both added a bit of lushness to the tags.  

I first cut each fabric into 3 inch squares.  I knew the largest I wanted each tag to be would be 3 inches, and figured I could cut in from there.

I tried one piece with the circles already cut, and it did not turn out well! Luckily, I had only cut one set into circles! 

It took a bit of trial and error to get the motion of pulling the small fabric around the machine, but after two tags, I had the hang of it. It’s fun to do a bit of overlapping, making your circles wider and smaller. 

These actually come together really quickly!

Snip around the fabric at varying lengths, so you can see each ring of fabric. 

Loop some twine around your ribbon, and hot glue to the back.








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One Response to 12 Days of Christmas – Fabric Gift Tags

  1. Anna says:

    what a beautiful addition to your lovely packaging!

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