As it gets closer to New Year’s Eve, friends are trickling in from across the country (eventually we’ll have a group of 23!). Since there’s very little snow, we’re finding some alternatives to fill up our days.

We had a large enough group to do some private paintballing, which I very much appreciated! The other paintballers who took part in the public play were a little too serious for my tastes.

I’m not a huge fan of violence, but I had a big adrenaline rush during the games! And, it was incredibly satisfying to tag Cory out – we split up all the couples, to get some good rivalries developed.

It was a pretty fun way to spend two hours, but not an activity I recommend for the day before New Year’s Eve! All of the girls have large bruises developing on their arms and legs, making outfit choices a little tough. 

This nasty bruise is right on my thigh! Luckily, black tights are a part of my New Year’s Eve outfit!



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