Cory and I were both so excited to put a UCLA Alumni plate holder on the back of the RV!

We’re so proud to be Bruins, even if most people will assume (when seeing the RV) that we graduated in 1956, instead of 2006 and 2004!

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2 Responses to UCLA License Plate – An Easy Change!

  1. John Gillin says:

    What a cool name for a website / blogsite! I am so excited for you guys. Your trip will be awesome. It’s not so quiet around here at 11964 as the work crews are busy doing a lot of work on the house, getting it ready for whoever the new tenants will be. I love your blog, in fact, the dancing books videos are are great and led me to another YouTube video where I discovered a cool new music artist – Grayson Matthews. Check him out. Safe travels to both of you – I look forward to following your adventures. Man, am I envious! I’ll live vicariously through you. Peace.

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