We planned to hit the road on Wednesday, 2/1. That got pushed back to Thursday, and then to Friday – frustrating at the time, but actually great timing. We ended up needing to postpone our departure to Arizona, and instead headed down to San Diego due to a family emergency.

It’s been a rough past week, but we finally made our official start on the adventure. We decided that although we’re now a week late, we’ll keep to our original set schedule (since we have a campsite reservation for the Grand Canyon), and just hit the missed spots on our way back!

We had a long drive, but it was full of anticipation – from San Diego all the way to about an hour east of Tucson, Arizona.

Plenty to come in the next few days – can’t believe the adventure has started!



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One Response to On the Road to AZ!

  1. Chantal says:

    So exciting that you guys are on your way! cant wait for more posts! 🙂

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