Boondocking. A funny word when you don’t know what it means (which I did not, prior to becoming the inhabitant of an RV), and still funny even when you do! Driving north to Sedona took us up steep inclines onto very flat mesas!

Boondocking is basically camping in your RV (legally) without being at a campground/RV Park/paid location. There is plenty of BLM land (public land managed by the Bureau of Land Management) and National Forest land, most of which allows boondocking, or “dispersed camping”. I love the names of the roads – this was a particular favorite!

We thought this would be a perfect fit – we love camping, and we like free! However, it is insanely difficult to find the appropriate spots for dispersed camping. The BLM (understandably) doesn’t provide a concise map with approved areas, and other RVers can be cagey with the locations they boondock. As we drove further north, snow began appearing on the ground around us. 

So, after much research and time, we finally found our boondocking spot for Sedona – the east side of Schnebly Hill. I even Google mapped it with satellite images, and could see an RV pulled off onto a campsite. And then it was thicker… And thicker… Until we were in a complete winter landscape! Not what you expect in Arizona!

Everything still looked good, until we actually got to Schnebly Hill. 

Apparently, rural, rough-terrained backcountry roads are shut down when it snows! Good thing, because it forced us to not even attempt to drive the RV through the snow!

Boondocking Pros: 1

Cory & Lindsay: 0

We did take an amazing drive on the motorcycle up the west side of Schnebly – no snow this time! More to come on that.

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