Our stay in Phoenix was brief, but I made sure to stop in at LGO Grocery and Pizzeria.  Coming from Los Angeles, I am a huge fan of LGO Hospitality and their restaurants – particularly The Misfit in Santa Monica and The Luggage Room in Pasadena.

We stopped in for a quick lunch with Cory’s good friend Tishin, who is the Editor-in-Chief of Green Living.

The Grocery is a really unique set up – quick-order style, along with a cute gift shop inside.  It was fun to browse around the knick knacks and novelty gifts. It sits side-by-side with LGO Pizzeria, sharing their tables.

Both menus looked fantastic – LGO is known for fresh and clean foods, focusing on local and organic, if possible.

I had my heart set on the Roasted Corn pizza (goat cheese, tomatos, basil, and roasted corn – mmmm). Unfortunately, the Pizzeria options didn’t start until 4pm. Guess we will just have to swing back through Phoenix on our return trip!

Instead, we went with the Evil Princess Thai Chicken Salad, and the Vegetarian Sandwich (pressed, per the server’s suggestion).

The sandwich was everything a pressed veggie sandwich should be – creamy with the melted goat cheese and the guacamole, with a decent veggie to bread ratio.

Between the two, I preferred the Evil Princess salad as a lunch option. It was fresh and light, and with an added touch of Siracha hot sauce, the salad kept a good bite to it.

I also snagged a bag of fresh LGO English Muffins. They’re made vegan, and the absolute best English muffins I’ve ever had!



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2 Responses to LGO Grocery – Phoenix, AZ

  1. Chantal says:

    yum! it looks delicious! where in phoenix is this? russ and i should go when we visit my mom!

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