We had to bundle up! The weather was quickly dropping towards freezing.

We arrived in Sedona just before sunset, so we rushed to get in position for some amazing pictures. Several locations were listed as prime viewing, so we chose the airport, as it was closest.  

Our sunset was almost completely blocked by an approaching rainstorm! We still enjoyed the changing colors of the rocks, and finally felt a good peace settle in.

The previous weeks had been overwhelmingly busy and stressful, and it had taken a few days to move on.

I think this was the moment the entire scope of the trip set in for me – realizing the vast expanse of open road ahead of us, and the new freedom we had in our daily lives.  

Sedona’s red rocks are a sandstone formation, known as the Schnebly Hill Formation (Oh, Schnebly…). 

Aside from the fantastic views, we also met a pretty fun pair of friends from Washington, Norma and Leslie.

Brave & Bold Inspiration: Norma told us about her 91-year-old friend Betty, who earned her private pilot’s license at age 74, flew up until age 87, and is still kicking around.  She sounds like a blast to know, and definitely is inspiration to continually pursue your dreams!

 Who’s this weirdo?
 Oh, hi, Cory!

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