Cory: Hey Linds, let’s take a nice drive up Oak Creek Canyon.

Lindsay: Sure, that sounds nice. I’ll grab a windbreaker in case it gets a little chilly.

Fast forward the thirty minute drive up the mountain:

Oak Creek Canyon Drive – Sedona, AZ from BeBraveBeBold on Vimeo.

L: Uh, Cor? This is pretty serious snow up here.
 L: And I think we’ve gained about 3,000 ft in elevation…
L: …and dropped 20 degrees… C: Suck it up! No pain, no gain! 
L: But there are icicles…

C: You see no icicles.

(Side note: Everywhere in Sedona requires a Red Rock pass to park, which is $5. However! If you have a National Parks Annual Pass, aka America the Beautiful pass, that will also work. This pass is $80 for one year, and gives you access to any National Park or National Monument.)
C: Stop taking so many pictures!
L: You look like Tron in that helmet. Hey, where are you going?
 C: You can walk home! 

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7 Responses to Oak Creek Canyon – Sedona, AZ

  1. Mary Elisabeth says:

    Awesome updates: love the video, love the photos. They look like post cards & make me want to travel the country with my camera! I’m having fun living vicariously through you guys, so keep posting please! 🙂

    • lindsay says:

      Thanks, Mary! We have an overwhelming amount of photos. I’ll have to set up a Flickr account to house the rest – don’t want to inundate the blog with too many!

      • Anonymous says:

        Will you post a link when you do that? I’m a nerd, I love looking at all the pictures & drooling over the loveliness.

      • Mary Elisabeth says:

        Will you post a link if/when you do that? I want to see ALL of the loveliness!

        • lindsay says:

          Definitely will post a link! Hopefully I’ll get to that in the next week or so – it will take some consistent internet access! 🙂

  2. Mary Elisabeth says:

    Thanks, Lindsay! And oops, I thought my other comment (the anonymous one) didn’t post, which is why I re-posted…

  3. […] Our first pick was Oak Creek Brewing Company’s Nut Brown Ale (named after the same Oak Creek Canyon here). […]

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