Much of the scenery in Sedona is easily accessible – just look up! The red rocks are the main attraction, in their massive formations.

Aside from the natural beauty, Sedona is home to a fantastic modern work of architecture – the Chapel of the Holy Cross.   

The chapel is the brainchild of architect Marguerite Brunswig Staude, and is actually inspired by a viewing of the (then) newly constructed Empire State building. Staude saw a cross in the building, when viewed from a certain angle, and imagined a structure with a cross as the core of its framework.  

The structure was completed in 1956, and still stands as a striking testament to mankind amid the massive natural wonders.  

There was a beautiful story posted outside the chapel, explaining the development of the chapel, and even included approval or support from Frank Lloyd Wright. I was sure I could find this information on the internet, but alas, I cannot!

I am always in awe at the structures humans will create for their religion, from the Gothic cathedrals in Europe to the gilded temples in Asia, and even here, in this unassuming, yet striking chapel among the red rocks. 

And, of course, it wouldn’t be Sedona without the horde of Pink Jeeps waiting outside!




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4 Responses to Chapel of the Holy Cross – Sedona, AZ

  1. Anna says:

    i remember going there with you years ago!

  2. Monica says:

    Loving the blog, Lindsay! So fun to follow you + Cory’s adventures. Hope Garrett and I will see you both soon! (& feel free to check out my blog,

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