As an avid wine drinker and (slowly) learning beer enthusiast, I thought it would be fun to incorporate local beverage indulgences in our travels.

It’s been pretty easy to do so far – and we’ve certainly had some fun with it. 

Our first pick was Oak Creek Brewing Company’s Nut Brown Ale (named after the same Oak Creek Canyon here).

Their website touts the ale as a medal winner, and gives the following tasting notes:

This northern Arizona favorite has a consistent nutty flavor with just a hint of spice in its depths. A slowly emerging bitterness crops up along the way and is unobtrusively incorporated into the smooth flow. It finishes with a gentle nuttiness and spiciness.

I would definitely agree with the following words: “just a hint”, “unobtrusively”, and “gentle” – I found it to be completelyunderwhelming. There was a hint of chocolate nuttiness to it, but the overall taste fell flat. 

However, it’s still fun to try something new and local to the region. And just look at that pretty bottlecap!

The brewery is located right in the heart of Sedona, and I wish we had planned ahead to schedule a tour. Oh well, we’ll start figuring that out on the road!

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2 Responses to Behind the Bar – Oak Creek Brewing Company, Sedona, AZ

  1. Anna says:

    I hope you saved the bottle cap to make into fridge magnets or art work! If not, start to save the bottle caps and I’ll make some art for you after your travels 🙂

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