I’m taking a short break from catching up on our travel posts (and there are so many – 1 1/2 states to finish!), and enjoying the craziness of South by Southwest.

We’ve been so far removed from our usual social lives, so it’s been a bit of a shock to not only be thrown into a massive, energized conference, but to be surrounded by people who are so plugged in. iPhones reign supreme at SXSW, and everyone is either tweeting, Instagraming, 4squaring, or scrambling to find a wall outlet to charge up.

The one downer has been the weather! Right as we arrived, the dark clouds started rolling in. The rain has barely let up. Prepping for the rain in between events – with Jen and Carrie Hammer! This is pretty much the norm at any SXSW event

 Celebrating Oreos’ 100th birthday… Don’t mind if I indulge a bit..  General silliness abounds

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2 Responses to Hi Austin!

  1. Naomi says:

    I think I love you guys.
    Can I hitch a ride? Say, June? Options: Adirondacks. Poconos. Maine. Canada! Jupiter.

    Roll on, wheels. Roll on.

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