Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We are in San Antonio, where the city dyes the river green in honor of the holiday.

I put together a small craft in honor of the luck o’ the Irish – a couple of cards to send back home.

We happened to be at Lowe’s yesterday, picking up something for the RV, so I (naturally) grabbed a few paint chips to have around.

As I was following Cory around the store, I realized two of the colors had perfect names for the holiday!

And so this morning, as Cory crawled under the RV to do some messy work, I daintily cut clovers and leprechaun hats to make these greeting cards.

I like the leprechaun hat best of the two. The straight lines make for a cleaner look, as the curvy parts of the clover caused some lifting of the paper.

I used a double sided thick tape (similar to matting tape) to make the inside image pop out of the square.

I think they are super cute, and I can definitely envision this working for any holiday! I’ll be paying attention to the names of paint now, instead of just the colors.

Have a very fun (and very safe) St. Patrick’s Day!



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