When I last posted about the progress of our trip (and I know, I am way behind. Two states behind!), it was about our drive to Grand Canyon. We arrived in the park after dark, so we didn’t see much other than a clear sky full of stars.

We stayed in an RV campground right in G.C. Village, and it was only a ten minute walk to the rim of the canyon.

Adamant that we get up the first morning to see the sunrise, Cory set his alarm and we went to sleep.

Now, I am all for waking to see the sunrise when it’s the night before. But somehow, when it’s 6 am, 25 degrees, and the MOON is still out, my bed sounds like a much better idea.

 This is sunrise, people. Not sunset. 

But, we made it out and watched the sunrise over the Grand Canyon. This was Cory’s first visit here, so it was a pretty spectacular way to see it.

 First peek over the rim. 

Cory’s first view of the Grand Canyon… properly stunning. 

 We hiked down this ridge later in the day… photos to come! 

It was quiet and cold, and we felt like we had the entire canyon to ourselves. Until we turned to our left, that is. Apparently we missed the most popular photo spot for sunrise views, but we were fine being away from the crowd.

I put together this very unprofessional time lapse view of one of the ridges. I tried to take a similar photo every few minutes, so you can see the gradual glow of the sunrise peeking down into the canyon. Enjoy!



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3 Responses to Sunrise – Grand Canyon, AZ

  1. Anna says:

    did you hear about that 24 year old girl who just died in February hiking the Grand Canyon? She had hiked over 800 miles and was an expert hiker but just stepped on the wrong rock. very sad

    • lindsay says:

      I didn’t hear that story, but there was a marathon runner who didn’t make it in 2011. The park is pretty intense with the amount of warning signs they post.

  2. Anna says:

    Her family and friends are currently finishing the last 80 miles of her intended hike. your pictures made me very nervous after hearing her story!

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