I told you there’d be a little more about that cute, sweet squirrel we saw on our South Kaibab Hike. And there is. He turned out not to be so cute and sweet. Instead, he’s a savage, hungry little beast with absolutely no fear whatsoever. Talk about being brave and bold.

I spotted him while we were making our way back up the trail, and stopped to snap a picture (or twenty). Click below if you dare…

Look at me, just a sweet, innocent little squirrel…
 So sweet and vulnerable, sitting by this sheer drop off.

Apparently this squirrel charges a fee per photo, because he began to charge me. I mean, seriously charge straight at me, as I ran up the trail to avoid death by gentle squirrel gnawing. Cory stayed behind to laugh and Flip the whole episode, rather than rise to my defense.   Ya lookin’ at me, punk?

Please suh, may I have some more?

 Watch as the squirrel quite literally charges at me: 

He had a little friend, who seemed to be much nicer (and less aggressive).  I think he was the lookout – he was skittish and kept peering back down the trail. Sorry about my mean, greedy friend over there.

We made it out safely (barely), but I was confident that the little guy was going to make it up onto my backpack or head. After having a monkey jump on my head and hang on for a few minutes in Bali, I know it’s not as fun (or cute) as it may seem. Those cute little paws become creepy and grabby when they are intertwined in your hair!

So, public service announcement of the day: Please don’t feed the squirrels, guys! They’ll end up becoming small bullies.  Meh, you’re not even worth chasing. 

Sorry for all the pictures. I have a problem when it comes to photographing animals. A serious, memory-card-filling problem.

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  1. Anna says:

    He ate it!

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