No, that’s not a typo in the title of this post… because it’s all pictures of DEER!!

I know, you’ve been thinking to yourself, “Wow, I really wish there were more pictures of animals here.”

After our hike in the Grand Canyon, we went back to our home (walking distance to the rim of the canyon, which was amazing), took long showers, cranked up the heat (it was 35 degrees!), and watched The Long, Long Trailer. A former coworker of Cory’s gave him the DVD when we kicked off the trip, and we saved it to watch on the road.

Since it stars Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, we got about twenty minutes into it before I realized it wasn’t part of the I Love Lucy series! It’s a pretty hilarious movie about trailer life, with the usual Lucille Ball silliness.

After the movie, we were surprised with a group of deer walking about our campground! I ran outside to snap a few photos, and thought I would share. All right, big guy. I see your horns.

What’s that hiding behind those trees?

Another deer! There were four in total prancing about our RV.

  This guy was sticking his tongue out at me.


This shy guy stayed over in the trees, while his friends foraged freely (alliteration is magical).

Multiple deer! Deer on A Street! (For some reason, the campground had street names.)

All right, lady, you’ve got your pictures. Now scram!  This is how close they came to the RV! (You can see our bikes on the back on the right)

We’ve been seeing deer everywhere on our trip, and they’re still so exciting for us! I guess growing up in Southern California makes them a rarity.

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