No, of course we didn’t make friends while on the road.

We just had some old ones visit us! Courtney and Chris drove out from Los Angeles to visit us for a few nights.

Luckily, we caught a clear sunset the evening they arrived. It then proceeded to snow for the next twenty four hours! The actual sunset wasn’t spectacular (cloudy and colorless), but it’s really the changing colors of the canyon that you want to watch. And just being with friends was great!

Court and I met almost five years ago, when we were roommates together in Paris! We bonded over a mutual love of fancy cheeses and Harry Potter.

Probably discussing the finer details of some fictional world.  It’s nice to have friends that won’t judge you for having two sets of cheese knives in your RV –

one set for picnics, and one set for  fancy dinners.

One wonderful bonus to having friends visit is that Cory and I  suddenly have photos of the two of us together!  Rare for most places we go.  Aforementioned sunset. Not too bad, but the canyon view was much better – I had my back to this view the whole time!  Here I am, sad that no one likes my idea of eating our fancy cheese picnic close to the edge. And, lest you think we had this sunset all to ourselves, here you can see the hoard of photographers that accompanies any rise or set of the sun.

It was such a wonderful weekend! Thanks for visiting, Courtney and Chris! And to everyone else – come visit! Please!

Also, how crazy is this cloud?

Just me?



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