I can’t believe I got up before sunrise not once, but TWICE during our stay in the Grand Canyon.

Our visitors wanted to catch the sunrise, so I braved the early morning dark and cold, while Cory slept peacefully in the RV. We didn’t get a beautiful, clear sunrise. Instead, we watched as a big snowstorm rolled into the Canyon.

A light snow began to fall as we reached the rim. It was freezing! We each had on several layers – Courtney and Chris were wearing snowboarding gear.
 Quite a different scene than the previous sunrise! It was a little spooky to watch the dark clouds come into the canyon – the fog rolled in slowly toward us, and we realized our plans for the day would have to change.

This is about the extent of our “sunrise”:
 Guess what happens next? Hint: Ever wonder what there is to do at the Grand Canyon in the middle of a snowstorm?

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