After our foggy sunrise, we weren’t anticipating too eventful of a day. It began to snow pretty heavily on the drive back to the RV, so we holed up inside to make breakfast and play a game of Settlers of Catan. Our window view was this:

 It was absolutely gorgeous, but  I am so glad we were inside with heat! And that we had Gnomeo watching out for us.

 Any update on the weather, Gnomeo? 

No, just some crazy guy in a fur hat trying to get into the RV. 

 So, what does one do when snowed in at an RV park in the Grand Canyon? Hmmm….. click to see what we came up with!

Well, play snow bocce ball, of course!

And make snow angels!

I don’t think the boys appreciated the finer art of snow angel making. I completely forgot my backpack in the snow. Cory had to retrieve it about an hour later. Needless to say, the Gatorade was well chilled!

Since Chris and Courtney had to leave the next morning, we decided to see if we could at least hike a bit in the snow.

The short drive to the rim was eerily devoid of any other  cars.  It made me feel like we were in a horror movie!

Fortunately for us, no crazy prison escapees wielding chainsaws appeared. Instead, we saw a train!

I had no idea the Grand Canyon had a train, and I would love to ride it some day.


 How cool is that?

We decided to try our luck on Bright Angel Trail – it’s recommended for families and a pretty popular trail. We hoped that meant a wide, easy path to navigate in the snow!

More pictures from our hike coming soon!




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