I love books. More than just the stories they contain, or the time enjoyed reading, or the companionable solitude one might find among the pages, I love the physical presence of books.

In my previous life, living in a stationary home, I kept my friends books organized neatly by genre, then author (last name), then title. Just running my fingers along their spines could make me feel calmer.

Some people like to snoop in medicine cabinets or closets when in friends’ (or possibly strangers’) homes. I prefer to snoop among the bookshelves.

I remember visiting a friend’s home while in high school. Her family had recently moved, and her father (who happened to be my high school English teacher) was unpacking his library. Books were towered everywhere. This was a man whose library rivaled that of a mid-sized town, who had an impressive collection of books not only in English, but in Spanish and Italian (both of which he spoke fluently).

I’m pretty sure I creeped the whole family out by standing in awe of the towers of books, gently caressing the pages of first editions.

With that in mind, this short film is absolutely stunning to me.

Birth of a Book from Glen Milner on Vimeo.

via Kristin Cashore 

I hope you enjoy as much as I did!






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  1. Thanks for sharing that video. When I was working in NYC politics we would visit printing shops to meet union reps and give them our print jobs. I loved seeing the grimy and dirty side of printing contrasted with the beautiful glossy leaflets that we ordered.

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