I love The Eagles. I grew up playing my dad’s old records, listening to Witchy Woman, Desperado, and Hotel California over and over again.

Take It Easy was always, by far, my favorite song. Cory is an Eagles fan as well, so we made it a point to stop in to Winslow, Arizona. 

I crossed my fingers in hopes of a girl in a flatbed Ford passing by, but all we came across was the famous corner

Winslow was a popular stop on the historic Route 66 – keeping it busy with tourists. When Interstate 40 was built, Winslow, like many other Route 66 towns, lost much of their tourist industry.

The Eagles’ song has brought a cult following of tourists to the city. The city has embraced their fame wholeheartedly – even going as far as creating an entire Standing on the Corner Park!

Winslow is also one of the most trafficked railroad stops in the US – the amount of tracks is absurd! It’s estimated that 100 trains run through every day.

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