1. Drive on top of amazing bluffs with a “painted” appearance.

 2. Make important business calls. (Please note Cory’s work compared to my own.)

3. Hike down into said bluffs,  feel like you are in a Dr. Seuss world.  4. Pose with petrified wood.

Thumbs up for petrified wood! 

5. Find petrified tree trunks!

6. Drive by painted hills. Can you see why this place got the name Painted Desert?

 7. Drive by this 1932 Studebaker – a throwback to the heyday of Route 66.

8. Stand back and feel like John Wayne is about to come galloping through on horseback.

9. Visit the historic Painted Desert Inn.

10. Leave all firearms in your vehicles or at home.

11. Admire murals by Hopi artist Fred Kabotie .

12. Order a hamburger for 55 cents! Or perhaps an Extra Rich Malted Milk, All Flavors?

13. Be sworn in as Jr. Ranger of the National Park Service, Petrified Forest/Painted Desert Dept.

14. Visit the rooms at the Inn, and dorms of the Harvey Girls

15. Enjoy the combination of sun & snow!


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