Big moment here.

I am actually about to be finished posting on Arizona. I know, it seems like the past 3 months, we’ve made it only one state away into Arizona. But no, I’m currently sitting in the midst of a heavy rainstorm in Lexington, Kentucky (indoors), having recently survived the Kentucky Derby.

It’s just that with so much doing and seeing and living on the road, updates are few and far between. I take a massive amount of pictures at each place, so combing through takes time. And the uploading takes consistent, available internet! We can tether almost anywhere via iPhone, but that doesn’t allow for massive photo uploads!

So, hopefully I’ll start getting better about making some more posts, and soon we’ll be up to date. No promises, though.

 We made it to the Four Corners Monument – a spectacularly unspectacular place. It’s fun, silly, and pretty absurd that so many people visit this site, just to stand on four states at once! 
 But, of course, we loved it, and fully indulged in the silly pictures.

Here we had a long distance relationship – across four states. Tough.  

I went with the usual backbend approach. 

And then looked who showed up!

Creepy… or awesome????  

Doesn’t everyone keep an America body suit in their RV? No? Just us?

Stars and Stripes flying high over four states.

Gnomeo thoroughly enjoyed stretching his legs for a bit. 

All around, we had a great time. Not sure that I would recommend this as a destination, by any means, but if it happens to be on your route… it’s worth the pictures!  

We also indulged in some delicious Navajo Frybread – which looked suspiciously like a thicker funnel cake! 

And tasted just as delicious. 

Next posts – NEW MEXICO! 


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