Uh oh! Looks like I spoke too soon about getting out of Arizona. I forgot I had this post waiting to upload, and finally got the video up today! This was from February, in Sedona.


Warning! Extremely bumpy video ahead.  (And I promise – last of the red rock pictures!)

Off Roading Schnebly Hill from BeBraveBeBold on Vimeo. Music: Where I’m Going by Cut Copy

We made it back to Schnebly Hill (this time coming from Sedona), and it was well worth it.

Schebly is a popular destination for the Jeep tours that dominate Sedona’s tourist activity, and for a good reason. While the road heading out of town is paved and smooth, the path quickly turns into an off-road, bumpy adventure. We saw a few cars turn around, after realizing the big, bold sign cautioning use of only 4×4 vehicles was serious. 

Soon it was just us, on our dualsport bike, and the tourist jeeps heading up the hill to catch the amazing views.

Sedona, while known primarily for the red rock formations, has also been more recently famed for its vortexes. These are supposed centers of the earth’s energy, and offer various healing properties to visitors. Vortex sites are either masculine or feminine, as well as positive or negative.

Masculine: Enhances energy, empowerment, and activation.

Feminine: Enhances nurturing and intuition.

I also read that the juniper trees respond to the vortex energy by twisting and bending out of their normal shapes. We came across such a tree, although it wasn’t near any of the well-known vortexes!  I’m pretty confident our twisty tree was just a regular old funky shaped tree, as we felt no surge of energy or renewed vitality.



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