RV parks are, most usually, very unexciting places to visit. Most are glorified parking lots, but a few have some redeeming qualities (for instance, at the moment, Cory and I are parked on a horse ranch in Indiana). We aren’t in RV parks too often, since they’re mostly miserable, but I wanted to share some photos from the place we stayed in Farmington.

Mom & Pop’s RV Park is run by Dennis Ryan, an 81-year-old who happens to be an industrious figurine sculptor. The park office is a tiny corner in his toy workshop, and he displays his creations in glass cases – both for sale and for show. Check out this article on Pop’s miniatures.

The best part, though, is the railroad track he has set up in the front yard. The miniature settings start with the homesteading of the Wild West, and move forward in history to iconic “Main Street” images.

Click through the pictures to see his handiwork!


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5 Responses to Mom & Pop’s RV Park – Farmington, NM

  1. Debbie says:

    Hello! Just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed your post on Farmington and the other areas you visited in New Mexico.

    I would like to feature your blog on our website for the stories you did here. Would that be OK with you?


    Web Manager
    Rocky Mountain RV & Marine

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  3. Lindsay,
    I have truly enjoyed reading your posts on the Farmington area. I am with the Farmington Convention & Visitors Bureau, we would love to feature your posts on our website. We are creating a new section where we can share articles and blogs with travel writers, media and visitors. Can we link and feature your blog on our website?

  4. Denise Ryan Oliver says:

    Mom and Pop RV park was owned and run by my dad, Dennis Ryan. He took great pleasure and pride making and showing his train and figures creations.

    A couple of years ago Pop retired, had cancer and beat it twice. He is still very busy and active, just a little slower.

    It is wonderful to see that others had the chance to see and enjoy he hobby. Thank you for posting a wonderful article.

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