When we lived in Los Angeles, Cory and I had a healthy balance of cooking in and eating out. So it’s been a big change of pace to cook the majority of our meals in the RV (no complaining from me – I love cooking!). 

At the beginning of our trip, our dine-out spots were strategic – where can we get good internet, what has live music, etc. But now that we’re more road-savvy, we cherrypick our dining spots to highlight the cuisine of the region (BBQ in the south, po’ boys in Louisiana, etc.). 

Counter Culture Cafe, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, was one of our earlier spots – we definitely picked it for the internet and work-friendly vibe. But I wanted to share it, because not only was the food so dang good, it was absolutely massive!

The El Grande – I was cracking up when this came out. We could have just split this! 

Breakfast burrito, with red & green sauces

Chalkboards for their menu? I might as well move into the place!

One of the better workspaces I’ve seen! 🙂


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One Response to Counter Culture Cafe – Santa Fe, NM

  1. Mary Elisabeth says:

    Oh that looks so freakin’ delicious! I need something like that in belly right about now.

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