We popped over to the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum while in Santa Fe.


I’ve been a Georgia fan from a young age – her vibrant images were always as inspiration in our art classes growing up. While I never recreated one of her pieces, each of my sisters experimented with her style.

I was, in fact, a bit let down by the scope of the pieces on display at the museum. What was on display was fantastic, of course, but I was hoping for more! The San Diego Museum of Art has always had rotating exhibitions, so perhaps I’ve had too much (if possible!) exposure to her works.

The best part of the museum was the video room. Looped footage of O’Keeffe played in a small dark room, and spanned her personal life, her attraction to New Mexico, and her career as an artist.

What came across to me was far beyond any of the art in the other rooms. It was a powerful and centered woman, almost obsessively imagining and re-imagining  her artistic vision of the world.

New Mexico truly is “O’Keeffe country” – the colors, the vastness, and the blend of Southwest.

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