It’s always a pleasant surprise when our visit to a city coincides with a festival or event. We were lucky enough to be in Santa Fe New Mexico during ArtFeast 2012, a fantastic event that spans an entire weekend. Santa Fe is the Mecca of art galleries – over 250 galleries! Obviously, that can be a bit overwhelming (particularly when one – ahem, Cory – has a short attention span for art). We attended the Edible Art Tour, an evening of fantastic art and local food. With the purchase of a badge, we were able to wander the streets of Santa Fe at night, as the town was decked out in a festive atmosphere. Local restaurants partnered with the galleries to provide samples of their classic dishes, so really we were knocking out two birds with one walk! We would have never been able to try all the fantastic dishes in our few days in the city.

I loved the delicate sculptures of Tim Tate at the Jane Sauer Gallery – I wanted to take a bite!

Most of the galleries are housed in small homes – so you have the intimate feel of wandering through a friend’s house. Just an extremely well-decorated house! 🙂

I was a huge fan of Randall Rosenthal’s drawing sculptures, since they remind me so much of my own sister’s art. It didn’t hurt that Bob Dylan was one of the featured portraits!

And how fantastic is this Frenchie? Beau, this bulldog statue by Lisa Sartor at gf contemporary gallery, flashed through a rainbow of colors.

Speaking of gf contemporary, their two showrooms had the handsdown best approach to the night’s festivities! One shop was decorated like Neverland – starting in the Darling’s nursery, and moving through the iconic images of Peter Pan’s playland. At their sister shop, it was Pirates all the way! The owners even dressed up – Peter Pan, Tink, and Hook were out in full force. 
 Check out the rest of our photos below! It was such a fun and enjoyable way to tour Santa Fe’s art galleries.


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  1. Mary Elisabeth says:

    That photo of the purple night sky is absolutely gorgeous, Lindsay!

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