Our last stop in Santa Fe, NM was the Jackalope Mercado, a fun trinket store on the outskirts of the main city.

We stopped in to purchase a few postcards and a birthday card to send back home, but ended up spending uite a bit of time wandering through the aisles and laughing over some of the items for sale. I loved the bright colors and festive feel of the store – it reminded me of Old Town, San Diego!

This watchcat was asleep on his job! I walked right under his post, and Cory started laughing. It’s not like me to miss a kitty.

The Jackalope carries a wide variety of trinkets, home décor, books, and other sundries – purses, cards, food items. There was even an aisle dedicated to miniatures (I really wanted to purchase the miniature tortilla stand!).


I came across this meeting of the Humpties, and really wanted one to come home with me! 

Luckily, we found a little guy who was just the right RV size. He now has a home on a shelf in the RV.

It’s definitely a fun little store to check out when in Santa Fe – kind of a Home Goods meets World Market, all with a Southwest flair. There’s a larger furniture section outdoors, as well, and outdoor pottery.

How cool is this flying pig?!






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