After our amazing day at White Sands National Monument, we hit the road for Roswell, NM.  Neither of us would have made a trip out to Roswell if we weren’t already in the area, and we had the time, so it was a no brainer to make the stop.

Now, I knew going into this that the Roswell UFO museum wouldn’t be a particularly scholarly or enlightening museum. But we both expected… more. From the museum, and from the town itself. I think that the reputation of Roswell, outside of the city of Roswell, is so much more than what it is locally. Because the alien thing? There’s really only about one block of the town that embraces it.

 Alien loans, for helping to fix a crashed UFO.

Cory was disappointed because he wanted every shop and restaurant to be alien-focused (Anyone remember the Crashdown in the Roswell TV series??).  We settled for the themed streetlights, though!

I was disappointed because I wanted cold, hard facts proving to me that Mulder and Scully really did/do exist, that Max, Michael, and Isabel crashlanded, and that our visit to Spaceport America a few days earlier meant that aliens would soon be taking red-eyes into New Mexico.

But the museum fell short of our expectations. Mostly comprised of recreations and photocopied news articles, the museum held little concrete artifacts.

Several of the displays were personal recounts of the famed Roswell crash, including the below “phone provider”!

The UFO/alien set up in the middle of the room was pretty hilarious – both to take pictures in front of and to watch how the kids in the museum reacted. The statues had a breathing mechanism inside the chest, so occasionally it would breathe in and out. One little boy got so freaked out when he noticed that the alien was breathing! Right at that moment, the alien’s head turned as well. I’m pretty sure he’s now a lifelong UFO believer.

(Okay, okay, that little boy was Cory! Just kidding) 🙂

But we had fun, nonetheless! We laughed at the many multiple (and conflicting) recounts of the story.

Have you ever been to Roswell’s museum? Or have any desire to go?

Check out some more pictures below!



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