We came to Roswell, NM for one reason – the UFO Museum – but still thought we’d check out what else was available in town.

Pecos Flavors Winery popped up on Yelp and Tripadvisor  as a popular tourist spot, and as we walked along the alien souvenir shops, we spotted the store.

Pecos is part wine store, part music lounge, and part gift shop. While we were in for our tasting, setup was going on for a show that evening (unfortunately we had to hit the road!).

We got to taste some fantastic local wines – we were surprised to find a thriving wine country in New Mexico! We purchased a bottle of the Galatic Vino (cabernet sauvignon) both for the taste and for the awesome alien label!

If Cory was hoping for some more alien themed sights, he certainly was in luck at Pecos! Along with the alien wine, we tried alien beer as well.

We didn’t get to try the Java Stout, but I loved the cans. Note the cute symbols for “how to drink”: in a coffee cup before noon, in a mug after!

We did taste a Green Chile beer (I wasn’t a huge fan), and saw the red/green chile wines. No, that doesn’t mean wines from Chile, South America! It’s wine (and beer) made using New Mexico’s famous red and green chiles.

The chile wine didn’t make it back, but a bottle of Lime-A-Rita did! This is a pre-mixed margarita, concocted with white wine instead of tequila.

Of course, once we camped for the night (outside of Carlsbad Caverns) I immediately made a batch of margs in the RV. Pretty delicious! (Although I think they should have gone with Wine-a-Rita, don’t you?)

We have been so surprised with the amount of vineyards and wineries across the United States! Every state seems to have a “wine region”, and (unfortunately) we just can’t visit them all! 🙂

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  1. Anna says:

    I can vouch for the Galactic Vino-delish!

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