While we were in Truth or Consequences, NM for the Spaceport America tour, we had a small malfunction on the RV.

Our hydraulic motor burnt out, WHILE our back slideout was extended. For anyone who knows anything about slideouts, this is a very bad thing. Basically, we couldn’t pull our slideout in (meaning we couldn’t drive). After a lot of exertion, Cory manually pushed the slideout in, and we changed our plans to head to the nearest Camping World.

Luckily, there wasn’t one too far away! We found one in Anthony, TX (which borders Anthony, NM), and posted there for a few days. We had great service & internet, and had everything fixed shortly!

The best part of the experience (other than our fantastic service rep named Lindsay!) was sighting this beast in the parking lot!


Semi-truck cab, SMART CAR, and then a fifth wheel?? Cory definitely had motor envy.

But what is even better is that, since this spotting, we’ve seen the exact same set up again! And it was definitely a different “land train”.


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