Seeing local music is always on the list of what we search for when we arrive in a city. And when it’s combined with a local hotspot? We’re definitely there!

Padre’sis one of three bars in Marfa (only two of which were open when we visited. The ¬†other, Planet Marfa, is a seasonal bar.).

And it certainly was local! Everyone seemed to know everyone, and even the band seemed to be consisted of a few locals jamming together, rather than any serious musical intent.

SCORK was the local band on the night we visited – a one night behind, we came to find out, headed by Sarah Cork (hence the name).

Singing Loretta Lynn and other country/blues/folk covers, she had the bar crowd (made up of her friends and family) chanting “SCORK! SCORK! SCORK!”.

She was followed by Nakia, apparently a contest on the tv show ‘The Voice’.

We had a fantastic time at the bar – drinks, dancing, all in a dimly lit atmosphere. And there are games galore in the back – pinball, etc.


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