We’re back in California for a brief visit to celebrate the marriage of two good friends. The change in weather (115 in Kansas City, 70s in San Francisco) has been fantastic, but the best part of the past few days has been the special moments with our friends. Most we haven’t seen for 6 months now, even some with whom we used to live and see everyday.

Best things: Morning gatherings outside hotel rooms. Long drives chatting about old friends and new adventures. Late night Scattergories. Walking to a cafe to share frozen yogurt and cookies with six friends. Jokes, nicknames, support for new ventures, giving each other a hard time for silly things.

All the lovely parts of life we’ve had to sacrifice over the past months.

Joy is spending time with friends.

Joy is posing with a pink elephant drinking a martini. 

With such thoughts running through my mind, I was particularly struck this morning when I came across this article on a friend’s blog (hi Jen!) – Advice From Life’s Graying Edge on Finishing With No Regrets.

Yes, it’s the usual “seek happiness, not money” sort of chatter about growing old and finding what truly matters in a happy life.

But no matter how many times I hear or read such things, it is always refreshing to be reminded that happiness is a choice.

It takes effort – not work, I like to think.

Joy is embracing traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge, because it means you have longer to take the picture. 

Joy is loving the fog – and then coming through to find it’s only over the water! 

More so than Cory, smaller, minute details affect my day-to-day swing on the happiness scale. Reading an article like this takes me back to center, back to a feeling of control over my own psyche.

My particular favorite of the quotes:  “Adopt a policy of being joyful.”

Joy is being silly.

Joy is laughing.

Joy is a silly dog

I love the words “joy” and “joyful” – each, in my mind, so much more bubbly, light, less serious than “happy” or “happiness”. Joyful to me is a big bunch of balloons, or a just-popped bottle of champagne. It’s light, it’s airy, and my goodness, it certainly feels better than being sad.

So, here’s to joy – choosing it, making it, keeping it.




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4 Responses to On Joy – San Francisco, CA

  1. Chantal says:

    my favorite post so far! well said! so happy to have you guys here and to get to see you both again so soon!

  2. monica says:

    What a great post, Lindsay! And that bottom pic of you is just stunning. Can’t wait to see you guys in a few short hours!!

  3. Hollis says:


  4. Anna says:

    my favorite posts are those with puppies &/or cats and wine. keep them coming!

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