No, not by us! We’ve got our end date planned, and (though we’re loving almost every minute) we’re looking forward to returning home.

I came across the amazing story of Gunther Holtorf, 74, and his late wife Christine, a German couple who, in 1989, moved into their ’88 Mercedes Benz G-Wagen to take an 18-month trip into Africa.

All these years later, Gunther is still trekking in his trusty Benz, named Otto, and crossing over 500,000 miles. He’s visited 200 countries, and has never had a serious breakdown.

He keeps no digital record of his travels (rare in these times), and uses only film cameras.

See more of Gunther’s incredible journey in this BBC video:



I definitely know now, after this trip, that I would not be able to make it for 23 years. But the sights Gunther and Christine have seen leave me awestruck.


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  1. Anna says:

    What a beautiful story!

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