Our favorite event at SXSW in Austin was the Warby Parker Citizen’s Circus.

Warby hosted an outdoor, three day event (conveniently located just down the street from our RV parking!) that featured bands during the day and a “circus” at night.

The head-lining evening act was The Citizen’s Band, a cabaret-style performing group. It was a spectacularly beautiful show – dancing, singing, humor, all with a gorgeous set and costumes.

I loved these ladies, especially the older woman to the left! She was dancing with the best of them that night.

To go with the circus theme, fire performers strolled throughout the grounds. What would be the proper term for this profession? Fire juggler? Fire dancer? Fire handler?

Obviously any time there is (controlled) fire around, I’m a huge fan. So, about a thousand pictures were snapped!

And to cap off a wonderful evening, we had Uber deliver barbecue right to the afterparty!

Hi Carrie!


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2 Responses to Warby Parker Circus – Austin, TX

  1. Anna says:

    Is that Cory in the black suspenders? Good to see Carrie’s face!

    • lindsay says:

      Haha, it does look like him! No, Cory was dressed as a cowboy that night – we were supposed to end up at the Rodeo, but had too much fun at the circus!

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