Scientifically known as lupinus texensis, the Texas Bluebonnet is the state flower. And boy, are Texans proud of it!

It seemed like the flowers took over our lives for a week. Within the span of a few days, I received 3 separate emails from family and friends notifying me that it was currently “bluebonnet season” and I needed to keep my eyes peeled for these pretty blue flowers. There’s even a Bluebonnet Sighting website!

Well, it wasn’t hard to spot them. Bluebonnets are EVERYWHERE in Texas during the month of March. And, we were told, it’s illegal to cut, pull out, or harm the bluebonnets in any way. Further research tells me that it is not technically illegal to pick a bluebonnet, but the majority of Texans seem to feel quite strongly that it is, or should be. 

So, we refrained from picking to keep with local custom, but enjoyed the beautiful highway scenery.

We also noticed that lawns and grassy sections of the roadside would be mowed so as to leave the bluebonnets intact!

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