We stopped in Dallas, TX only for an evening – Cory had a work meeting, and we were in a hurry to make it to Houston – so we didn’t see much of the city. 

But I’m happy to have John from Nerdwallet Travel write a guest post for us today. He put together a great city guide for Dallas! 

Thanks, John! 


City Guide to Dallas, Texas

Dallas certainly lives up to the state’s “lone star” motto. Whether you’re a history buff looking to explore the culture of the Wild West, or an urbanite in search of a vibrant community of art and nightlife, Dallas offers a fun and lively environment for any rambunctious ranger.

Historical Explorations and a Blast from the Past:

Texas offers a variety of cultural landmarks and museums home to the rich history of the old West. Dallas, a metropolis home to over a million residents, offers numerous historical sites for any adventurous whiz to check out.

The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza is a must-stop tour for any curious passerby. If you’re into mystery novels, conspiracy theories, or just want to explore the realms of America’s political history, you must visit this museum. Dedicated to John F. Kennedy, our nation’s 35th president, the museum provides all the facts (and speculations) surrounding the dark afternoon of November 22, 1963. The museum is housed right inside the infamous Texas School Book Depository, so you’ll be learning about JFK’s death from right inside the chilling sniper’s nest of the Kennedy shooter.

Photo taken at the spot where Kennedy was shot in Dealey Plaza looking back at the Texas School Book Depository now home to The Sixth Floor Museum. Window on far right of sixth floor is as it was the day Kennedy was shot.  Photo Credit: NK Eide

If you still can’t get enough of the ever plot-thickening conspiracy theories, check out the Conspiracy Museum for more twists and turns. This museum offers persuasive and subversive arguments about a number of our nations’ mysterious assassinations, including the killings of JFK, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy.

For Outdoor Adventure and Wildlife:

When thinking about Texas, the first thing to come to mind might be sizzling steaks and bucking broncos – but believe it or not, Dallas is also home to green hills and parks filled with trees.

Photo Credit: Matthew

The Dallas Arboretum is a lush park filled with 66 acres of beauty. It offers visitors a tranquil environment to rest and relax under the warm Dallas sunshine. The arboretum is a perfect dwelling place for families as well as weary travelers looking to take a break from their hectic agenda. Be sure to check out the schedule of events for upcoming festivals, concerts, and more!

Check out the Dallas World Aquarium, too, for it is far more than an ordinary aquatic center. This place is home to marine creatures from all over the world, and it features a South American rainforest exhibit.

If you can’t get enough wildlife, head to the Dallas Zoo and check out Giants of the Savannah, an award winning exhibit featuring fauna of Africa and other exotic creatures.

Of course, the best outdoor adventures lie outside the city. Even if you don’t have time to complete the Southern Loop road trip, make sure to get out into the country to see the very best of rural Texas. And if you can find any excuse to get on the famous Route 66, which runs through the top of Texas, you’ll find yourself on an evocative cruise through Main Street America. Just make sure to find the best gas prices to save a little on all that driving!

For Urbanites and Art-lovers:

Dallas offers a suitable scene for any type of traveler, given its diverse mixture of all cultures. Attractions across the city will suit your fancy and guarantee a fitting scene for us all.

Packed with bars and restaurants, Deep Ellum has emerged as a hot scene for young individuals. The lively atmosphere surrounds live music venues oozing with soul and jazz, and art galleries pouring out soul. Many of the streets are lined with graffiti making for a cool enclave of funky vibes to express the district’s young, urban feel. Hipster heaven is what I would name it, for it has all the ingredients of a good time.

Ricardo Paniagua, Deep Ellum. Photo Credit: Jennifer Conley

Any romantic or arts enthusiast must wander through the Arts District of Dallas. Astonishing architecture laces the streets and galleries showcase old and new gems. Fountain Place is an example of impeccable modernist architecture with its alien glow and plaza filled with bubbling fountains.

I.M. Pei & Partners’ Fountain Place. Photo Credit: Jeff Stvan

A formalized must-see is the Dallas Museum of Art. Be sure to visit this 100-year-old landmark for brilliant views of the city skyline among outdoor gardens and waterfalls. All the while spectating world-class artistry, ranging from impressionist paintings to contemporary sculpture. This massive gallery, located in downtown Dallas, represents all sorts of cultural heritage. Go on the first Tuesday of any month, or on any Thursday from 5pm to 9pm for free admission. You can’t beat that price!


John from Nerdwallet Travel is an avid traveler who likes the challenge of getting around on a shoestring budget. He hails from the Pacific Northwest, but his favorite place to visit is Park City, Utah.

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