This is my city today: Mount Timpanogos, in Utah’s Wasatch Mountain Range.

We hiked for 9 hours on the trail, climbing about 5,000 feet in elevation.

The summit of Mt. Timpanogos is 11,749 feet, offering views of the surrounding cities (Provo, Heber, Park City, and Salt Lake City).

It was one of the most technical hikes I’ve done, with a narrow path that often disappeared into the rocky mountainside.

But, we were well-rewarded with several mountain goat sightings! We caught one fellow hanging out on a rock cliff, another wandering a meadow, a mother and her baby climbing what looked like a sheer cliff to us (and then again in a meadow on our return trip), and a herd of goats getting their dinner!

Cory and I have now seen all of the animals on our “want” list for the trip – the mountain goat was the final, elusive catch!

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