No Thanksgiving is complete in my family’s home without several renditions of “There’s a Big Fat Turkey”, “Over the River”, and other classics. This horrible monstrosity will never, ever receive playing time, but I thought I’d share a few of my favorites. Apparently others did not grow up realizing that carols span every holiday, not just Christmas!

There’s a Big Fat Turkey (alternately “Great Big Turkey” – choose your own lyrics!)

Thanksgiving usually kicks off with my father texting me lyrics to this song about a week in advance. I love everything about this video, from the arguing at the beginning to the unseen bottle of rum you know is on the counter:

I’m a Great Big Turkey

Everything about this is perfect.

Over the River

Danny Kaye is the undisputed best at everything.

Linus and Lucy

Although Vince Guaraldi’s classic comes from A Charlie Brown Christmas, the instrumental album is perfect for the festive holiday.

I am ridiculously entertained by this rendition, particularly with the shimmying lady on the couch. I’d love to invite this band over to my apartment for a hot toddy and some holiday dancing.

What are your Thanksgiving favorites? Any traditions beyond gorging on pumpkin pie?

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