My age group’s musical memories of Buddy Holly may be linked more closely with Weezer’s “Buddy Holly,” but the rocker’s icon status pervades throughout our society. From his look to his sound, and even his death (the plane crash in which he died inspired the famous “American Pie” song), his influence is still felt today. Just look at his glasses!

We stopped by the Buddy Holly Center while in Lubbock – Holly’s hometown – and snapped a shot with this larger-than-life pair of his iconic frames. I came across this great article on the optometrist who inspired Holly’s now iconic (and oft-replicated by hipsters) look.

I love this performance of Peggy Sue, particularly the woman giving the introduction! It’s always a bit hard for me to wrap my head around the idea that ’50s rock was considered controversial – Elvis, The Beatles, and Buddy Holly included.  But her advice is sound for all ages: “No matter what you think about rock and roll, I think you have to keep a nice open mind about what the young people go for. Otherwise the youngsters won’t feel that you understand them.” How great is that??

I’m now spending my afternoon listening to Buddy croon on Spotify!



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5 Responses to Ooh, Ooh, I Look Just Like Buddy Holly…

  1. Chantal says:

    That first picture of you guys is too cute!

  2. Anna says:

    You should print out that picture to hang in your new apartment! Definitely cute 🙂

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