What to do on a rainy day in Lubbock, Texas? Why, wine taste, of course!

Oh, you didn’t realize Texas had a booming wine country? Neither did we, until we started searching for fun things to do. And wine tasting is always a fun thing!

We first stopped by Llano Estacado, a winery with quite the academic background. The winery’s local lore is that a Texas Tech professor, horticulturalist Bob Reed, came across an unusual type of grape growing in Texas, one that resembled wine grapes. With a few other colleagues, they began the winemaking process in Texas Tech labs (At this time, and really up until very recently, the entire city of Lubbock was a dry county). It seems one too many professors were stumbling out of the chem lab a little too happy, and the secret winemaking jig was up. Thus, Llano Estacado was born – and moved to a proper facility.

While the winery has several acres of vines at the the production facility, they do source grapes from other vineyards within the region. Starting from a small, local upstart winery, Llano Estacado is now one of the top-selling wines within Texas, and fares extremely well at wine competitions.

We were lucky enough to catch a bottling day, and take part in their free tours of the facilities. We were incredibly impressed with the two students who ran the tastings and gave the tours.

Have you ever discovered wineries in a region you didn’t expect? Across our road trip, we came to find there are so many more “wine countries” within the United States than we would have guessed! I suppose, as Californians, we’ve been a bit snobbish. 🙂 We stopped by one other winery in Lubbock which I’ll show off tomorrow!

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5 Responses to Rainy Day Wine Tasting in Lubbock, Tx

  1. Anna says:

    Love that story! Lubbock sounds like it has a lot to offer!

  2. justice says:

    What an interesting tour to Texas…

  3. How fun! Absolutely can’t go wrong with wine tasting! We discovered that Long Island has some great vineyards, which isn’t that far from NYC. And public transportation makes it all the more enjoyable:-)

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