After our first taste of Texas wine country, we were ready to see what else the region had to offer! Just a short drive away we found CapRock Winery, a relatively new winery on the scene. 

CapRock’s facilities are absolutely gorgeous – starting with the amazing entrance. Again, we were the only visitors during the rainstorm, so we received extra special attention from Charles (the tasting room manager) on our tasting and tour.

With quite a range of varietals, we were able to split up our tastings between the two of us and cover most of the list. Our favorites were the Tempranillo and the Legacy Cabernet (in reds) and the Rousanne (white). Though Cory’s favorite thing at the tasting might have been the delicious crackers served as palate cleansers – he was obsessed!

The traditional CapRock label graces most of their bottles, but the winery occassionally creates special label bottles for events, promotions, or by request. 

How great is the Southwest bottle? And I love the “Stetsons & Stilletos” – sounds like the name of a costume theme party! 

After sharing the history of Llano Estacado, I thought you’d want to know a bit about CapRock’s roots. Well, the winery may not have started in a college lab, but it still has a pretty funny (recent) history with the current owner, Catherine Bodenstedt! While researching an investment firm named CapRock, Bodenstedt’s husband stumbled upon a Google search result for the auction for CapRock Winery. The Bodenstedts took a chance, and now own the wonderful winery. 

While touring the barrels, we spotted a room that looked like it belonged in a laboratory, not a winery! I guess my paparazzi skills aren’t that good, since we were quickly noticed by the two men inside – Phillip Anderson (general manager of CapRock) and Michael Vorauer (winemaker).

They graciously came out and spoke with us about the wine. AND let us taste from their super scientific wine beaker.

I think I would absolutely excel at a position that required tasting wine from beakers, if anyone happens to be hiring…

We left CapRock with a few bottles of wine, a box of the delicious wine crackers, and some branded swag Charles hid in our bag (a CapRock wine key is tucked in our utensil drawer).

I know Texas is not at all the place one would think of for great wine – or great wine tasting – but we had such a wonderful time at both wineries. So, if you ever happen to find yourself in the Hill Country of Texas, seek out wine! It’s everywhere!

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  1. Anna says:

    I can attest to those wine crackers being delicious!

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